Dick's Hotdog Stand #1 Since 1921
1500 West Nash St, Wilson,NC 252-243-6313
Dick's Hotdog Stand, founded by Socrates Dick Gliarmis in 1921 and today owned and run by his son Lee S. Gliarmis, has been in business making, what many say one of the finest hotdogs "i've ever tasted" for over 89 years, serving the original chili recipe that Dick himself created since 1st opening its doors.
  The full service restaurant is a museum in itself with walls adorned with hundreds of pictures of celebrities in the sports and entertainment industry as well as politicians and other legendary notables.
  Please make it a point to come visit Dick's when in the area and visit with the Gliarmis family. Its a pretty good bet that Lee knows someone you know or from your hometown, regardless where you are from.
  Please stay tuned to this website which is currently under construction. Soon there will be photos and opportunities to order merchandise such as t-shirts, hats and maybe even a bunch of hotdogs to be shipped right where you want them to go.
   Thank You for your time!
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1500 West Nash Street
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